When to Consider Getting Dermal Fillers?

As you age, the skin will experience several various changes. Perhaps you may begin to believe that our face doesn’t look the same before as you see yourself in the mirror or if you start seeing more wrinkles and lines in areas that they weren’t before. As we become older, the skin protein’s composition and some substances will start to age to change, resulting in a less youthful look. If you want to improve your facial contours and features, you may try dermal fillers now. To determine when you should book for this procedure, keep on reading below: 

You have thin lips 

Volume loss does not only take place in thee cheek part. In fact, other people also observe that their lips get thinner as they age. In other instances, people become unsatisfied with their lip size during their lives. Dermatologists have been utilizing fillers like Restylane or Juvéderm to help your lips look plumped up for several years. These fillers have hyaluronic acid.  

People always ask whether you’re tired 

Though this question might be pretty rude, that does not appear to stop people from asking this to someone they know as soon as they display aging signs. Particular kinds of wrinkles and loss of facial volume can provide you a worn out and drawn look eventually. Hollow eyes and bags can make you appear tired regardless of how great you’re feeling. If you are tired, people would expect that you are not sleeping well or you simply want to appear peppy and alert just how you really feel, fillers can help you with that.  

Your wrinkles and lines are bothering you 

When you’ve got particular kinds of wrinkles or lines, you can ask your aesthetician to use dermal fillers to fill them in or plump them up temporarily. Keep in mind that only static line and wrinkles respond to fillers.  

If dynamic wrinkles are what you have on your face, you will need to think about using a treatment using an injection, like Botox, instead of using fillers. Moreover, you can mix these 2 treatments as well. You can get Botox for your dynamic wrinkles while getting fillers to resolve static lines at the same time and session.  

You have lost some volume 

The loss of volume from the face, especially from the malar or known as cheek area. Other people have found out that as they get older, their prominent cheekbones eventually turns drawn and flat. The reason why this happen is due to the decrease in collagen and loss of fat in this area. Collagen is the protein that gives the skin a good structural support. It aids to make your skin elastic and firm. With age, your body manufactures less and less of it.  

You don’t want to undergo surgery 

Dermal fillers don’t take a lot of time for it to be done, making it the perfect cosmetic treatment for beginners unlike surgical procedure. Plus, you won’t experience bruising and healing procedure if you get this treatment.