Importance of Cleaning your Kitchen Vent Hood

If you own a restaurant, you possibly know the need of having a vent hood in your kitchen. This is a required appliance that is required by the national and local fire codes. Aside from that, it could also help in keeping your restaurant safe. However, it isn’t enough to just install a vent hood. You must ensure that it is well-maintained and kept clean at all times.

Kitchen Vent Hood

Trapping grime, smoke, and grease is the purpose of a vent hood. It helps trapping these pollutants before they escape into the rest of your restaurant. If a kitchen hood isn’t regularly cleaned out, it could become a firetrap. Grime and grease deposits could thicken over time and become an extremely flammable and sticky substance inside the vent hood. It could possibly ignite with enough heat. This puts your building, assets, customers, and employees in risk of a fire emergency. Additionally, there are a lot of reasons why cleaning regularly your vent hood is significant. Here are some of them: 

  • Insurance carriers need restaurant owners to comply with all codes. The insurance carrier could increase the premiums or drop the coverage if the owner does not follow this regulation. 
  • Local fire officials and fire codes need vent hoods to be well maintained and kept clean at all times. The restaurant might be shut down or fined if it is found with a dirty hood. 
  • Clean vent hoods prevent possible risky pollutants from escaping into the air of the building. This helps increase the air quality of your restaurant. If not cleaned, it could pose a health risk to your staff and customers.  

A lot of restaurant owners ask if hiring a professional to clean the vent hood is really worth it. Well, if you really want to, you could clean the vent hood by yourself. But, it is suggested that you hire a professional firm to do the job. Here are some benefits that you could get from them: 

Following fire codes 

Expert companies that offer hood cleaning services are updated in the latest fire codes. They also know how to ensure your system is up-to-date. In most circumstances, they could do the task more effectively and faster than the restaurant staff or the owner. 

Possible Repair Problems 

Individuals who are not really familiar with the vent hood systems might not be able to see if particular parts of the system aren’t working properly. Knowing each part of the system is significant to ensure that the entire vent hood system perfectly works. 

Intricate Design 

Vent hoods are really complicated. A person who doesn’t know how these systems work could overlook particular vital parts while cleaning 

Effort and Time 

Cleaning the vent hood is time consuming, hard, and dirty. Typically, it involves breaking the system into parts and cleaning it with unique solutions. Professionals know these systems well they can recommend ACFA merchant lender to finance your home repair or upgrade. They know how to disassemble them. Of course, they also know how to clean them.